KeySnatch The Cheap KeyloggerKeySnatch - Cheap Keylogger is one of the only commercial keyloggers you can buy for $6.99. It truly works. It records keys typed, takes screenshots of activity, records time-stamped activity of web sites visited and applications used. This is the the keylogger you want to buy. It is small, simply, undetectable and doesn't cost $69.99, like our competitors who dress up their software all nice, but does the same thing ours does for ONLY $6.99.

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Time-Stamped Keystroke Recorder - Everything typed will be captured and time-stamped. Passwords, emails, all keys pressed, programs lauched
Screenshot Capture -  You can set the Remote Spyware program to take photos every X minutes of the screenshot, so you can see exactly what your user is seeing on your computer.
Remotely Send Logs -  You can have logs automatically, at set time intervals, sent via email, FTP or both!
Hidden Mode -  You can hide the program by "closing" it and it can only be accessed via a special hot-key combination (not ctrl-alt-del but something like that).

Undectable/Hidden - Our program cannot normally be disabled by antivirus
Password Protected - You can password protect the program so it cannot be accessed even if its found.
Set Log Location - You can decide where to locally store your log files both .dat (keylog file) and .zip (screenshots with .bmp) in them.
Instant Log View - View Logs with the push of one button.
Instant Send Logs Via Email- Send Logs via email with the push of one button. Great for testing or not wasting time reading logs on your computer.
Instant Send Logs Via FTP- Test your FTP upload parameters. Also, instantly send logs to where you want.
Set Time Intervals- Set your time intervals to send key logs and how often to take screenshots.
Reset Password- Think someone knows your password, well, change it in a flash.
 HOT KEY ACCESS - Once the program is hidden away you can access it with a 3-key secret code. It is like pressing ctrl-alt-del, but its not that combo.

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INVISIBLE FOLDERS ($2.00 more) - For $2.00 you can add invisible folders prgoram worth $19.99) to add enhanced security and as a great place to hide your program and logs.

AUDIO (MIC) SPY (FREE) - You get a free copy of Audio Spy with your Purchase. This allows you to record sound in a room in secret using your mic. It works to record skype or chat or google talk. Awesome!


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Disclaimer: Only Monitor Computer You Own or Administrate. Check Local Laws.

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